long term battle

Mmm, yeah, I have no idea how the heck I'm ever going to finish this.
But yes, I'm planning to go to Anime Expo to sell stuff. So here are things that I'm thinking of drawing:

1. Higurashi no naku koro ni
2. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
3. Fate Stay Night
4. Umineko no naku koro ni <- drawing this regardless of how it'll sell LOL
5. Bleach <- don't really feel that much for this series, but I've read enough to know what's going on
6. Naruto
7. Eureka 7
8. Final Fantasy VII-X
9. Rurouni Kenshin
10. Ga-rei <-is this one well known?
11. Wagaya no oinarisama
12. Honey and Clover
13. Tales of the Abyss
14. Kingdom Hearts
15. Gintama
16. Wolf and Spice
17. Soul Eater

and some originals. I won't be drawing ALL of these LOL (it'd kill me) but it would really help if you can tell me which one you'd buy :)



omg me too!! im preparing for my anicon in six months... last time i did that i dont think i did very well with the preparations, so hopefully i can improve this time!! 我们一起加油吧!!

15. Gintama <--- i love you even more for this >3<

Nice :DDDD 加油!!
I so want to do a gintama one >D how was the con last year btw?

ummm pretty okay... i guess i should've looked around for cheaper materials, made more merchandises (esp. badges!!), and brought tablecloth for my table XDD meeting fellow artists was great ^^ but in melbourne (where i live), i guess all the things i like were really... unknown.. like gintama and vocaloid... i was really sad about that T_T

the death note fandom is still so big ;A;

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