have not drawn for a while. midterms are just piling up on each other and eating up my free time.
I did not end up making the deadline for the umineko anime tv contest, but that's okay, it's going to be done eventually and will probably make its appearance at AX09.

goal of the month: draw the headless horseman.

and somehow I still find time to watch the new episodes of umineko every week. love=miracle. Ryukishi07, you're a genius.

BTさん、本当にありがとうございました。 ご冥福を心からお祈りいたします


Aww You too D: Damn, school is really... .___.
I don't know if you have the same problem as me, but I have a lot and a lot of ideas for fanarts, but I don't have time for cleaning/coloring them on SAI xD;

And you know for BT-san ;__; this new really made me sad, I think about Ryukishi-sama...



good luck for midterms bby <3

awww really ;____; maybe you can send the picture to some magazine.. : D!

Kizoku-chan: yeah....i think i really have to wait until thanksgiving for a breather. been working on pictures, but not finishing them.

.___. it must have been really hard for ryukishi to keep writing after that..

hino: 期末考!?是世界末日喔!? hino桑加油啊! 謝謝~我會抽多一點時間把它完成的!

我也是...想不到BT缺席的真相竟然是這樣...龍騎節哀啊 ><

kaipy: thank you! i just finished the last of them, but i totally bombed physics XD; i'm surprised i don't have a failing grade in it yet ahaha...

i'll be done with the picture :) you'll see it, no worries.

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