I finally finished EP4 two days ago...still suffering from withdraw.
the rest are spoilers -> updated, VERY LONG. with intermixed chinese o.o

Wooohaaaaa 貝阿朵萌度大升啊啊啊啊! 戰人你乾脆就跟貝阿朵結婚算了
I really enjoyed the 4th game, despite the feeling that a lot of things were still left unexplained. (For example...exactly what did Enje (I refuse to spell it as just makes me pronounce it the wrong way @@;) saw when she was in the ship captain's house? 見鬼嗎 (笑)?

As always, I'm very impressed with Ryukishi07's ability to handle so many characters and still manage to develop all of their personalities. Speaking of, Jessica and George got their share of action in EP4. You wonder why they didn't stand up and fight for themselves in the earlier eps. I think, like Higurashi, the characters need to go through their share of growth before they finally choose the path that serves them the most good. Without the earlier experiences, we would never see George's super martial arts and Jessica's super boxing skills XD.

Another thought... Is Beatrice putting on an act again like Lambda said?
I doubt it.
Evidence 1: the first person narration. Beatrice realized what Lambda and Bern agreed on at the end of the game: that as long as the game proceeds, she would never win. The game, as EP3 established, is a test for Beatrice as well. I think by this point we can all agree that Beatrice totally has a thing for Battler >> Having someone deny her very existence without the possibility of convincing him broke her determination to win. That's why she tried, very hard, to lose. Why play a pointless game?

Evidence 2: Kind of personal, but, when I was read EP3, I was skeptical from the very moment Beatrice said she'd be "good". Reading EP4, I didn't feel that way. And honestly, reading her words made me feel sad. I'm going with my instincts on this one.

As to exactly who the hell Battler is, I have only one guess. The red words stated:
1. He is not 明日夢's son
2. He is Enje's older brother.
3. Battler Ushiromiya was born from 明日夢
It only makes sense that Battler's Kirie's son.
My guess is that 18 years ago, both Kirie and 明日夢 had their babies. 明日夢's Battler died at birth, possibly from miscarriage. To be able to marry Rudolf, 明日夢 used some underhand methods to steal Kirie's baby, making her think that she had a miscarriage. 明日夢 claimed Kirie's baby as her own, and got married to Rudolf.

end story.

As to exactly who the hell Beatrice is...
I really have no idea.
But I'm this sure
she's not 明日夢.
What normal mom in the world would try to put a collar around her naked son?
Nor is she Jessica.
I don't think she's anyone in disguise.
More simply, I think she IS Beatrice. Not a witch, but a human. So the only mystery left is how she is related to the family and whatever happened to the Beatrice 13 years ago.

AHHHH I can't wait for the answer arcs to come!!!!!


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